GRACE LEE BOGGS june 27 1915 – Oct 5 2015 “We must transform ourselves to transform the world.”

Month of the poet. dedicated to bill milligan. on the 1st anniversary of his transition sat morn june 26 2021✨



Tippett:You mentioned Grace Lee Boggs, and I am so glad that I sat with her in Detroit in her last years, and also just sat with that community around her. And you quote her on this matter of transformative justice and transformation. What is it that she says?

brown:We must transform ourselves to transform the world.”

Tippett:I feel like that is something that this generation in time, and your generation and the ones coming after, know. And that is new. Maybe that’s kind of what Angela Davis was talking about, too.

brown:I feel like there is this sense of, it’s not either/or. It’s just that you are a personal front line. What’s happening in your life and in the relationships you have with your family and how you treat people when you’re upset with them — I always ask people that, when I talk about transformative justice: Are you xpunishing anyone right now? And could that punishment be shifted into a boundary or a request? Is there a courageous conversation that needs to be had? How do you personally begin to practice whatever’s in alignment with your largest vision?

Abolition is something we practice every day in our lives. Liberation, emergent strategy, all of these are things to practice every day. And I guess maybe to bring it back to the first question of spiritual practice — to me, that’s the ultimate spiritual practice, as well. It’s not about the bombastic meditation retreat. It’s about, can you sit every day? Can you bring mindfulness into every activity?

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