these were better-than-GREAT ❗️

“We’re looking back more than 13 billion years,” NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said.

“…the oldest documented light in the history of the universe — from over 13 billion — let me say it again — over 13 billion years ago.” The White House described the image as the “highest-resolution images of the infrared universe ever captured.”

and, this got me…

One report found 344 separate things that could go wrong — “single point failures” — and potentially derail the entire project.

“The telescope is not designed to be fixed if something goes seriously awry. The instruments are not modular and cannot be swapped out if they break. Unlike the Hubble, the Webb is too far away to be visited by astronauts.

“But none of those single point failures happened…”

translate: NO-THING WENT WRONG!!! a sho-nuf NONwrinkle in Time ❗️


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