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Molecular tests are generally more accurate and mostly processed in a laboratory, which takes longer; antigen tests—or “rapid tests”—are processed pretty much anywhere, including at home, in doctors’ offices, or in pharmacies. You can get antigen test results in about 15 minutes, but they tend to be less accurate.

Deciding which type of test to get can be challenging. 

“A lot of this depends on access and what is readily available to you. We are thankful to have rapid antigen tests, but if you don’t have symptoms, their sensitivity is limited and we know that 40% of people who are contagious with COVID are asymptomatic,” Dr. Martinello says. “A NAAT test is more sensitive, but a lot still depends on the quality of the specimen.”

None of the COVID-19 tests you take, either at home or at a pharmacy, will tell you if you have a variant, such as Delta or Omicron. Detecting variants requires genetic testing done in a lab.

Are there tests that look for COVID-19 and the flu?

Since the symptoms of COVID-19 and the flu are similar, it’s helpful to know there are molecular tests you can have that detect each virus using a single sample. In fact, there are even tests that diagnose COVID-19, flu, and RSV (respiratory syncytial virus), a virus that causes common cold symptoms, at once. 

Such tests are offered at doctors’ offices and clinics and need to be sent to a lab, and should come back in a day or less. These tests will become available closer to flu season, in October.

Even for physicians, COVID-19 testing can be confusing. 

In the end, it’s best to remember the basics: get your vaccine, when in doubt wear a mask and social distance, and stay home and away from others if you feel sick, Dr. Campbell says.

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