Musa W Dube, PhD. William Ragsdale Cannon Distinguished Professor of New Testament. Candler School of Theology. Emory University

Candler School of Theology opened the 2022-2023 academic year with a fall convocation service on Thursday, August 25, in Cannon Chapel. Two faculty members were installed in chaired professorships: Musa W. Dube as William Ragsdale Cannon Distinguished Professor of New Testament, and Ted A. Smith as Charles Howard Candler Professor of Divinity.

Andre Dickens, 61stMayor of the City of Atlanta, will give the convocation address. An Atlanta native, Dickens is an ordained deacon at New Horizons Baptist Church. He is a graduate of Mays High School and holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Georgia Tech, as well as an MPA from Georgia State University.

Prior to becoming mayor in January 2022, Dickens served as a city councilmember; an entrepreneur in both private and nonprofit sectors; and a leader in Atlanta’s tech sector, including as CDO of TechBridge, a nonprofit that drives community impact by bringing affordable technology and business expertise to other nonprofit organizations.

The Circle of Concerned African Women Theologians was founded in Ghana, West Africa in 1989 with the purpose of amplifying Pan-African and inter-religious theological perspectives of African women. As a means of embodying Sankofa, our next conference in 2024 will be a pilgrimage back to Ghana. In preparation for our return, we are engaged in several research projects that analyze and expand the work of the Circle theological matriarchs, that is, the founders and the earliest champions of the Circle. The Circle has always included sisters both on the continent and in the Diaspora. This call is an expansion of projects already underway that center on the US founding matriarchs, as we endeavor to go back and retrieve their insights and contributions to create more equitable and just futures for African(a) women specifically, and African(a) peoples more generally. Additionally, this is a broader call for exploring other thematic aspects of the Circle, diasporic identities, and womanist theologies.

We invite papers that reflect not only on the crises that have marked African(a) women’s lives in the diaspora but also on future possibilities and collaborations. These opportune two special-volume issues aim to include papers that capture African(a) women’s reviews of and resistance to gender and ethnic-based oppression and violence across various continents; and resilience in the face of and revision of ideologies, attitudes, and theologies that undergird such practices. The scope of this issue is intended to be broad and inclusive of diverse methodologies, theories, and approaches.

The deadline to complete papers is: September 15, 2022

The volumes are peer-reviewed and will be published by The Journal of Black Women and Religious Cultures


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