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The Prayer. Céline Dion & Andrea Bocelli


The United Nations Human Rights Committee has considered California’s gas chamber torturous and inhumane.

Outside the United States no other country has adopted lethal gas as a constitutional method of carrying out capital punishment.   
During the Holocaust, however, Nazi Germany employed gas chambers for the purpose of killing Jews and other targeted groups. The chambers were established at concentration camps and usually disguised as bathhouses. Men, women, and children were herded naked into the chambers after being told that they were going to take showers. The doors were closed, and poison gas was injected. See alsoextermination camp.

Arizona Plans Executions with Gas Used by Nazis at Auschwitz

Arizona ‘refurbishes’ its gas chamber to prepare for executions, documents reveal | Arizona | The Guardian


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In Memory of Akiriyiah (Kirah) McClellan
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