The King Charleses I, II and III

“Until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.” African Proverb

12 days of mourning? … STOCKHOLM SYNDROME “Following the death of Her Majesty The Queen, it is His Majesty’s wish that a period of Royal Mourning be observed from now until seven days after The Queen’s Funeral,'”


wed sept 28 2022 REmbr… G is, as G can only BE. GOOD

If I didn’t define myself, I’d be crunched into other people’s fantasies for me and eaten alive. audre lorde

amen. so BE it. laff THRU it…yes. in Time.

In Memory of Akiriyiah (Kirah) McClellan
June 22, 2006 – Feb 16, 2022