Puff Daddy in 2022

Music mogul Sean Combs has gone by several names over the years. But there’s only one name he wants you to call him. 

The Grammy Award winner discussed his many monikers when he stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on May 18 for what marked his 17th and final appearance as the long-running talk show comes to an end. 

Ellen DeGeneres used the opportunity to ask an important question: “What’s your name?”

Chuckling, the rapper responded, “I decided that I am just going to go by the name Diddy.”

Ellen then pointed out that Diddy recently changed his legal name to Love. 

“See, Diddy is my nickname. Love is my real name. I just changed my name to Love,” the rapper explained. “Sean Love Combs, that’s what it says on my driver’s license, that’s my official name, Love.”

He turned to the audience and declared, “I’m Love. I am Love! I have made it.”

And in case you had any doubts about his commitment to his legal name, Diddy got a large tattoo that reads “Love” on the side of his body to make it stick.

“I wanted to make sure that if anybody didn’t get the message, they could see it,” he joked. “No, I love tattoos and I got that in one day.”

Back in the late ‘90s, Diddy went by the stage name Puff Daddy or Puffy for short. He changed his alias to P. Diddy in 2001 and eventually dropped the P in 2005.



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If I didn’t define myself, I’d be crunched into other people’s fantasies for me and eaten alive. audre lorde

amen. so BE it. laff THRU it…yes. in Time.