This Is Me 🤗

The Greatest Showman This Is Me (Official Lyric Video)


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thank u for joining my Associates and me in this new space at this time in my Journey.

creating ponder on this, theBlog

well, it’s actually not a “blog.” we r an UNblog-blog. words mean a lot to me. i try to be intentional [“try” is the operative word, cause i 4get :(( ] in my choice of words.

IMHO, words r creative. words have energy. and i am challenged by the energy in the combination of the four english alphabets b-l-o-g. that word just does not feel or sound right. gives me (probably not any of you) less-than-good vibes. “blog” makes me feel randomness. and i hear nothing.

why the six english alphabets “UNblog?”

i want to hear and feel better. i want to shift the paradigm of what we think/talk about in our community of Artists. Listeners. Sharers. Silent, Wounded Healers. to flip “blog” on its head; and flip it in Kindness. doing no harm…

welcome to our tribePonder

ps: y’all know. i need the word “blog” in order to refine internet search results and point inquirers to us😉


the “how to create a blog” folk say i’m suppose to start by introducing myself.

ok. i am claire. claire patrese sams milligan. i am Reinventing mySelf on this Journey back to my new normal. [thank u, john; my friend]

i decided to change my name. “sams” was my biological father’s last name. oliver columbus sams, jr. “OC” i never met the man. his name doesn’t feel right or sound right. but wait! i was recently blsd to see that he actually was/IS more than the person to whom i’d referred to as “just my sperm-donor.” TheUniverse used OC to give me/us his mom, my GrandmaStell. a hugging blessing who loved me for 27 years from miles away up South.

BigMama was/IS Mama’s Mama. “Warnita Turner,” her daddy wrote in the family bible. BigMama’s married name was juanita turner mccall. u’ll learn to love BigMama and Mama–eva mae mccall sams.

well..”mccalh,” one of my chosen names, is the combo of both my Grandmothers’ names. mccall + calhoun

so. meet the REinventedING

claire mccalh milligan

i am a storyteller at heart. a storyListner and REteller. i love to REmbr and tell stories about my family. i love ListenING to your stories. [i think we Heal in our Stories…]

i find us — my biological family– in the earth in lowndesboro, alabama. on our land that my once enslaved elders purchased from heirs of land stolen from the indigenous “Creeks”!

i find us in things my Grands have told — and continue to tell — evan and me.

i find us in ruby’s and eli’s big laughs and tears and dances and farts.

i find us in Nature. in pictures. in books and magazines. in music; laffing. crying, too

i find us in naps!!

my story is in every space. all the Time. i hope that in ponder on this u’ll glimpse some of my Life’s stories…from which i hope i’m learning more than REpeating— pains & joys & laughter—in the process of my Journey.

And just maybe my stuffS will help u in ur Journey w/ur stuffS

who is claire mccalh milligan?

who is this claire continuing to BEcome?

well, to tell the Truth

i ain’t got a clue; and i’ve given mySelf permission to be clueLess. sometimes. to explore and relish in simply BEing [& not knowing]

& BEing stupidly HAPPY in the Process🤗

…. for Now. fri nov 18 2022…

i am a strong. unapologetically and unashamedly 70-1/2 EARTHyrs old BlkAfAmWoman in the southern usa tip of TheAfricanDiaspora [whew!]

i am evan’s momma and ruby & eli’s gogo. yeah!

i am a writer

i write like i talk

i write bec i want to

i write bec i BE; and i can’t not write…

bye; for Now.


fri nov 18 2022 9:30p cst mgy… REmbr. G is, as G can only BE. GOOD

If I didn’t define myself, I’d be crunched into other people’s fantasies for me and eaten alive. audre lorde