Lab High Reunion. Fri Nov 25 2022‼️

Alabama State University Laboratory High School 1920 -1969

In 1969, Lab High closed as part of a reorganization of Alabama State College to university status. The Laboratory High School building of the 1940s, Tullibody Hall, no longer stands.

The Laboratory High School, founded in 1920, was located on the campus of the Alabama State Teachers College in Tullibody Hall, along with the college’s John W. Beverly Science Hall, music
conservatory, and gymnasium. During the Secondary School Study, 300 students in grades K-12 were enrolled, with over 150 students attending the secondary school, grades 8-12. Since “Lab High” was
receiving public funds as well as support from Alabama State College, admission to the school was open, i.e., nonselective. This led to a more diverse student population of abilities and interests (Dunn,1946).

The high school faculty included eight full-time teachers and nine part-time teachers from the college. Lab High, whose slogan
during this time was, “Study the growth and beauty of nature-plants and animals for individual development,” served primarily as a site for the observation of classes by preservice teachers, with occasions for practice teaching (Hardy, 1943). Most student teaching placements were located off campus.

a brick from Tullibody Hall, donated to the Museum of Education
by A. C. Henry

Photo courtesy of claire sams milligan ‘ 69 Archives

Our Nursery School Rhythm Band. circa 1956 Ricky Harris, Director 🤗

Photo courtesy of claire sams milligan ‘ 69 archives

Coronation Miss Laboratory High 1969 Janice Elizabeth Elmore Principal WC Allman Mrs SG Penn Mr AC Henry
Photo courtesy of claire sams milligan ‘ 69 archives

November 10, 2022


Hello Fellow Gophers,

We know this is a last-minute invitation, but please join us for a small social gathering for Lab High, on Friday, November 25th, from 6pm – 10pm.

There is no upfront expense, but you will be responsible for your food and drinks.

PLACE: YELLOWHAMMER BISTRO (Off Taylor Road, behind Max Fed Cr Un)



Attire: Casual Dress

If you have any questions, please contact:

John McCloud 334-221-9284

Saralyn Smith Pace 334-613-9096

Evelyn Jeter Thomas 334-315-2781

Georgette–U r outstanding‼️


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