Rasheem Ryelle Carter. missing in Taylorsville, MS under mysterious circumstances.

Our hearts and prayers enfold Rasheem’s family 🙏🏽

On October 2, 2022, Rasheem Ryelle Carter age 25, went missing in Taylorsville, MS under mysterious circumstances. He informed his mother that if anything happened to him–who was behind it. He also said there were 3 trucks full of white men after him.

On November 2, 2022, his family was informed that Rasheem was found deceased on private property in Taylorsville,MS.

On October 1,2022 Rasheem went to the police department in Taylorsville,MS and informed them he was in fear for his life. He asked the police in Taylorsville,MS for a ride to his hotel Super 8 in Laurel,MS. The Taylorsville police told Rasheem they could not do so because it was outside their jurisdiction. The police also told Rasheem that he could not stay there and allowed him to leave.

Rasheem went to the Jr.Food Mart and asked for a ride with no success and began walking. At around 5:50/6:00 am October 2,2022 he went back to the Taylorsville police department asking for help again. He left and walked to the Dollar General in Taylorsville where he was last seen.

On October 8,2022 his family and friends went to Taylorsville to conduct their own search party. They were told that there was no footage of Rasheem by police enforcement but during their search they found footage and more. They walked, asked questions, put up flyers, and rode atvs to no success.

They saw rebel flags and encountered a few rude people in their search but it didn’t stop them. They cried, prayed and searched.

Weeks passed and nothing more was done to help his family find Rasheem. A month passed and on November 2,2022 they were informed someone found what looked to be Rasheem’s skeletal remains as well as a few of his clothing items on private property in Taylorsville,MS. The private property is in no way where Rasheem could have wondered into by himself.

There have been statements stating foul play is not suspected, however THAT IS NOT TRUE. His family definitely suspects foul play in the death of Rasheem Ryelle Carter.

Rasheem was an ambitious , hardworking, and loving young man who was trying to make his daughter and family proud. He did not deserve this and we are fighting for Justice for him.

(Original Post by Felica Kaho) #JusticeforRasheem


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