Trump and SCOTUS… Is it REALLY that big of a deal

readers pls note this excerpt

While the order from the Supreme Court is a win for House Democrats, it’s unclear how useful it will be for them.

It’s not clear how quickly the IRS would turn over the records, and House Republicans are expected to withdraw the request when they take over in January.”

“The Supreme Court cleared the way for a House committee to obtain several years of Donald Trump’s tax returns from the IRS, a significant win for lawmakers that brought to an end a three-year court battle.”*1qd3860*s_amp_id*QTZseVdWeXo0V3RteEpYTWNRNDVmZUJXTGVNWUdkTDF0dzNrdTMzeTFKUFgyY295aWdKZ1NIckJtTHlrT0dxZA


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