REmembering The Hydeia L. Broadbent Foundation, of Montgomery, Alabama, on WORLD AIDS DAY Dec 1 2022 [#1 of 2]

One friday nite, in the Spring of 1992, zmy grandparents were in bed. back then i watched tv, and ABC’s news show, 20/20, was one of my regulars. That nite the featured story was about five-year old Hydeia Broadbent and her mother, Patricia. Hydeia was born HIV+ in June 1984. i didn’t sleep well that nite. i kept replaying scenes from Hydeiadressed in white-in her Friends for Life “wedding” ceremony to her friend, Tyler Small.

Hydeia Razor Ramon Tyler

In 1993, like the rest of the country, i was woefully ignorant about HIV & AIDS. But i knew this much: i had to help that family.

By the time i flew to NIH to meet Pat and Hydeia, i knew precisely what i would offer. TO CREATE HYDEIA’s FOUNDATION.

I’d already called Ryan White’s mom to get an idea of how a good AID’s foundation is managed. Ryan and Hydeia had become friends during their stays at NIH. Ryan passed away in april, 1990. He lived to be eighteen years old. Ryan was inspiration for passage of the Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency Act, enacted August 18, 1990.

The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) is the largest federal program focused on HIV. The RWHAP funds HIV care and treatment services for low-income people with HIV. Many people who receive services through the RWHAP are uninsured or underserved.

So, we set out to do what no one else had done…followed thru w/promises and started Hydeia’s foundation!

Mr MoseT met Hydeia. He was inspired to paint these children. The fourth child was dressed in red. No problem…his AIDS ribbon became the yellow ribbon, ” long been a symbol of support for absent or missing loved ones. There are some who believe that the tradition of the yellow ribbon dates back as far as the Civil War era, when a yellow ribbon in a woman’s hair indicated that she was ‘taken ‘ by a man who was absent due to service in the United States Army Cavalry. But research by professional folklorists has found no evidence to support that story.”

Family and children from
Community Congregational Church
Playdate w/Hydeia at our house
circa Spring 1995

St St Jude Elem School [Montg, Al] Standing Left: Stacia R. Emma’s holdimg Baby Trish. Keisha. Pat. Hydeia circa 1995

We were inspired by Dr Pernessa Seele to host Montgomery’s Annual Week of Prayer for the Healing of AIDS.



thur dec 1 2022 REmbr… G is, as G can only BE. GOOD

This post is in memory of my brother, eric sams, whom i never met. But, in my heart i know eric was a kind man who died much too early. His young life was snuffed out by AIDS. RIP, eric 🧚🏿