TheArch jan5 Reflections on Contradictions

Pausing a minute from BishopTutu … too intense too intense. gonna breathe w/sistah audre lorde. gonna be w/mySelf

she reminds me of him they remind me of each other Truth reminds me of Truth

so/neither am i

let She/He who has ears hear… LISTEN

different shackles…now, that’ll preach

clairepatrese ponderings nov 3 2021 i am momma

i am gogo i am Zulu; AfricA in Diaspora i am a strong African American Woman 

and in this space at this time i am a writer i write like i talk i write what i like

i write bec i want to

i am claire…my NewNormalSelf. going back to my future i am that i am

i am amen so BE it

clairepatrese ponderings nov 28 2021 As is Light, so Is ponder.

i could write for lifetimes. i will write for lifeTimes. momma gogo reader writer i write bec i want to. BEcause i can not not write. amen so BE it

clairepatrese ponderings today i am Zulu. i am a writer i write in & w/Words

these wks i am Zulu w/my Ndebele children in Cape Town and i write BishopTutu in & w/Words and photographs amen so BE it


Ukuthula/UBUNTU wed jan5 2022 8:00a cdt mgy