TheArch jan6 Reflections on Contradictions

Saturday, Jan 1, after the funeral, i read about this

Then “stumbled” on this

and wrote the following essay for Trinity’s Discussion site.

but after writing, i couldn’t find the site :))

so, i pondered “why did i take Time and energy write this?!! didn’t worry cause i really believe that TheUniverseS have everything in order. just decided to wait and see. and it hit me. ponder on that…

u’ll have to wait and read the trinity essay tmrow in ponderings103😌

amen soBEit


thur jan 6 8:00a cdt mgy

ps i just love watching TheArch dance :))

pps PLEASE 4give this crazy formatting and huge letters. i still ain’t stopped and learned the tech stuffS bout WordPress… i’m having too much fun writing