“Desmond Tutu: The Archbishop with An Impish Sense Of Humor”

hi all💕

most of saturday morn i played w/ideas re how to conclude this series of pondering on this/pondering on TheArch. Mind you, i’d already written “pondering 110: bye. for Now,” and we published that “final” Arch post sun morn.

rembr, a few posts earlier i told you about my BigMama and her “one mind told me…” well, my one mind kept telling me…there’s something else to write. to say. to write.

fri nite, just on a lark, i asked one of my children to tell me “the three main things u hold in ur heart about TheArch.” here’s my heart’s >3 unedited list:


prayer [borrowed from RevNuttall]





for such a Time as this

if u’ve read anything i’ve written then u know that i LOVE videos of TheArchdancing like nobody’s watchin’

my list? dancing trumps❗️

then i thought about his crazy laugh! so off i went on an internet hunt for videos of TheArch’s wonderFUL and wonderFILLED laugh :))

i rembrd the tv interview w/Craig Ferguson. cracked me up; earned Ferguson a Peabody Award; changed Ferguson’s life. freed him [as TheArch frees, me] to “be as authentically crazy as you are.” of course (!) BishopTutu was brilliant in that interview. i just didn’t include brilliance—and 1000s of other things—on my >3- things list.

The Late Late Show w/Craig Ferguson and Archbishop Desmond Tutu 3-4-2009 https://youtu.be/H0PhmdCFGn8

But, in the middle of my search —my pondering😌 for his laughter—i rembrd TheArch’s simple response to the question: how do u want to be rembrd?

“He loved, he laughed, he cried, he was forgiven, he forgave.”

My real baptism into TheArch’s sense of humor and chuckle 😂was a video from my daughter, sine. sine fwd two things in one whatsapp msg. PresR’s official announcement of Bishop Tutu’s passing away + the video. [my my my. TheUniverse really does have a sense of humor. that combo was hilarious! but pardon me. i digressed; PresR does that to me.]

anyhow, i launched a www search for “sine’s video.” there r many videos of his joking and dancing and laughing. pls take 3-1/2 minutes and watch the next two. u won’t be disappointed. if u don’t laugh then, in my humble opinion, something’s seriously wrong w/one of us.

Desmond Tutu nativity story https://youtu.be/UHUjnWVsYc0

Pieter-Dirk Uys & Desmond Tutu by Marcel Harmsen https://youtu.be/AMtPIXflGWw

the real clairepatrese can be stubborn…esp claire on a mission. As hilarious as the next vetted clip is, it still wasn’t sine’s :((

Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s Laugh – Leadercast Live 2014 https://youtu.be/m66hwxypv8w

by this point sat nite i was desperate. i wanted/needed “sine’s video.” angels kicked in. again

TheArch wantS to be rembrd by five things, incl “he laughed.” Soooo

Here’s to you…Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Desmond Mpilo Tutu

Bishop Tutu in heaven or hell? https://youtu.be/ZSZMrWilU5w

amen soBEit!

https://youtu.be/wCn9X6_IVjE amen amen

mon jan 17

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