Carolyn’s Journey

Edward and Carolyn Alderette were married for forty-seven years by the time that Carolyn died of Alzheimer’s disease in 2015. Edward wrote this book, dedicated to Carolyn’s memory and her many life accomplishments, with the hope that their experience may profit others who are assaulted by the harsh blows and the ultimate finality of which Alzheimer’s spares no one when it asserts itself in their life. The journey presented describes dementia, illustrating in seven specific stages the inexorable progression of the disease. It does so technically and compassionately in a running commentary on how to care for an afflicted one while also being a love story. Edward walked alongside Carolyn, relying on his many years of experience as a psychotherapist to help her with the fears that came with the condition while helping himself reframe the tragedy into an opportunity for personal spiritual growth and a deepened connection with her. amen


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Edward Alderette retired from private practice as a psychotherapist after thirty-one years. Prior to this work, he served for six years as a graduate school professor within two university systems (Tulane University Medical School and the Warden School of Social Service at Our Lady of the Lake). He also devoted more than seven years to the direction of statewide mental health agencies in Louisiana, Kentucky, and Georgia, as well as more than six years to priesthood in one of the world’s great religions. He has always taken the time to write and illustrate his thoughts. He lives in San Antonio, Texas.

An Alzheimer’s

By Edward Alderette

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