TODAY IS FEB 27 1952 — AT LEAST ON EARTH’s GREGORIAN CALENDAR. who knows what’s happening in Time in the Pleiades😉


Yes’day many of you joined –or tried hard to join and couldn’t get in😥— my TRIFECTA EARTHday ONLINE CELEBRATION!! THANK U! You’ll hear more from me later.

Note: I knew this gathering was not about moi. I KNEW TheUniverse had something grand in store for us. I knew there would be specific blessings for each person. Didn’t know what. or for whom. That’s why i could not talk at the end.

Yes. SomeTimes i, claire, am silent.

Some Times i do not talk. Can not talk. Actually refuse to add words…formed from the 26 letters in the modern english alphabet… to that about which i’m clueless. or hurting. or broken. i’ve learned to shut up. and Listen…

Here’s what i’m hearING bout yes’day…

1. The prepared Words from my precious friends kimberley, eileen, BroPP, and tish were divinely sent to EVERYONE! [suc]

2. The TRIFECTA changed, right? We will talk about my dear mpilo another Time. [suc]

3. Yesday we celebrated my daughter, sam🧚🏿

And my 103 yr old sister, Romay!!! [suc]

BUT, #4 yes’day was also for my dear dear sister lill margene hill owens (!) husband, larney, son vincent, and granddaughter, little vetta margene. sacrificed and came from Atlanta! they haven’t been home in too many years! my my my💞

details and praises to follow. i usually do things in 3’s and 7’s. So, expect at least three more hearINGS. 🧚🏿


mon nite. feb 27 2023. too late! REmbr… G is, as G can only BE. GOOD

If I didn’t define myself, I’d be crunched into other people’s fantasies for me and eaten alive. – audre lorde aché