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HERstory Month: Songs to UNsung Sheroes

“Until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.” African Proverb

Republished 5.24.2022 for Episcopal Divinity School at Union/Church of the Heavenly Rest Pilgrimage to Atlanta/Selma/Montgomery May 22-25 2022.

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2005 Five of My BlkAfAm Sheroes Passed Away 2023 REDedicated to Our 21Century Sheroes... Young Womxn Activists!!

Shirley Anita St. Hill Chisholm Nov 30 1924 – Jan 1 2005

Mary Winston Jackson Apr 9 1921 – Feb 11 2005

Constance Baker Motley Sept 14 1921 – Sept 28 2005

Cynthia (C.) Delores Nottage Tucker Oct 4 1927 – Oct 12 2005

Rosa Louise McCauley Parks Feb 14 1913 – Oct 24 2005

Oct 29 2005 Memorial Service. St Paul’s AME Church 706 E Patton Ave Mgy AL

We brought Mama Baskin w/us Inez Jesse Baskin June 18, 1916 – June 28, 2007

i really don’t rembr seeing Mrs Parks. i rembr our patiently winding in the line of mourners. i rembr chatting w/a couple standing near us. their son was yrs younger than 24 yr old evan. they were such a nice young family. we exchanged fon nmbrs. i called. one time

while looking at the bus (i do not rembr: was it “the” bus?) i heard helicopters circling overhead.
i saw the marksmen perched on the rooftop of a bldg in the old normandale shopping center.
a chill ran down my spine–reminiscent of ATL in the 70s.

we watched the regal
cicely louise tyson December 19 1924 – January 28 2021 being helped up the concrete walkway into the church.

my Hall St Bapt Church Sunbeam Band mrs carr, rosa’s schoolmate and dear friend Johnnie Rebecca Daniels Carr January 26, 1911 – February 22, 2008 was standing nearby.

but i don’t rembr seeing MrsParks. i probably did not look at the her.
i just needed to BE near her.

and i needed for evan 2 b there. w/me; even tho –that day– i couldn’t explain why

and standing in that line MyUniverse began another silent shift. it WRINKLED

and the process of accepting the baton that’s been passing to me since 27feb1952 sped up…

…jumping into hyperspeed on my 70th EARTHday. 27feb2022

ponder on this w/me… where will we BE 70+1 27feb2023 🤗



wed 16mar2022 8a dst mgy rembr…G is, as G can only BE. GOOD

sat oct 29 2022 REmbr…G is, as G can only BE. GOOD

If I didn’t define myself, I would be crunched into other people’s fantasies for me and eaten alive. audre lorde