Alabama’s Rushing to Start Back Killing… Death Warrant Issued for James Barber

first… breathe 🎶🎶

An execution warrant has been issued for Alabama Death Row inmate James Barber. It’s the first execution set since the state failed to carry out two planned executions last fall, and the first with new rules in place allowing the governor to choose the execution date.

Barber, 64, has been on death row since 2004 for the fatal beating of 75-year-old Dorothy Epps.

Epps was beaten to death with a claw hammer in 2001 inside her Harvest home. Barber had worked as her handyman and known her socially, according to court records. During one of his appeals, attorneys for Barber argued that he had smoked crack cocaine, taken painkillers, and consumed alcohol in the days before Epps’ death, leading to a level of intoxication that meant Barber could not form intent for murder.

Execution Alert  “ALL LIFE IS SACRED!”

Alabama has issued an execution warrant “which shall not begin less that 30 days” from the May 3rd order.


Please contact Governor Kay Ivey and ask her to stay this execution and remind her of her statement “ that all life is sacred!”

600 Dexter Ave
MONTGOMERY, AL 36130 2751 

PHONE 1-334-242-7100
FAX: 1-334-242-3282


Suggested General Talking Points

1. Mr. Barber has ineffective assistance of cousel claims at the penalty phase.

2. The AL DOC botched the last execution and the last 2 execution attempts yet refused an outside investigation.

3. Alabama is failing to reveal the expiration date of the execution drugs.

4. Alabama is failing to reveal the source of the execution drugs.

5. Alabama still uses a method of execution with drugs considered by some states to be in violation of the Constitution and ethically, morally wrong.

6. Alabama ought to delay all executions to allow for a thorough indepenedent study of its capital punishment process and consider the serious objections raised as to how it administers the death penalty.

STEVE MARSHALL: I disagree with their assessment. I gave blood the other day and got poked three times. I think those are just, you know, extraneous arguments that are really from somebody that doesn’t want the death penalty to be carried out, period.”
BRO JOE NATHAN STARTED ME… sent me back to 1972! Heartless/soulless Ivey and Marshall never should have ignored Faith’s family❗️ i was online 8:00p past midnite. thur sept 22 2022 w/other pilgrims during Alan’s “execution vigil” … praying for Peace and Life… he did not stay dead that nite; but is alan really, fully alive now😢 This was Kenneth Smith… my 3rd experience w/Ala death row… i was in prayer; just not online on the vigil. could NOT do vigil; not that strong. Kenneth didn’t stay dead, then, either…


sat may 6 2023 1p cDt mgy al REmbr… G is, as G can only BE. GOOD

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